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Margarita Koroleva, Founder:

The idea came to me when I was expecting my daughter, before that I worked in publishing as a beauty editor and just dreamt about getting a tattoo. But there were certain concerns. First of all, pain (who doesn't think about that, right?) and second, how permanent this decision is. What if I won't like the final result or just change my mind in the process? So I thought about creating temporary tattoos that look just like real ones, but you can easily remove them after a party, holidays or photoshoot. Just imagine having a new tat every week. Black lotus on your wrist, watercolor flowers on your arm, looking stunning in your backless dress with a beautiful pastel peony on your back.

The most amazing thing about our tattoos is that you will not find these designs anywhere else. They are exclusively created for our brand by best tattoo artists and illustrators, who're always inspired by latest fashion trends. As Vogue US wrote: "If you have been looking for a sign that it's time for that tattoo, consider this the moment. Getting inked has never been more fashion-friendly.